Find a New Chevy or Used Car and Pay With Your Tax Refund

Any vehicle that you need as an upgrade is going to command some level of investment. With many financing options available here at our Burlington, NC Chevy dealership, you'll have plenty of ways to handle the cost of your next car, but around this time of year, when you ought to be getting started on your tax returns, your budget might get a welcome boost to spend on your next ride. See if there's a new Chevy, such as the smartly appointed Blazer, that works for your travels around North Carolina, and use your tax refund for a down payment today to get started.



The amount you've received or can expect from your tax returns, combined with the great deals we're offering on this Presidents Day holiday, and with our general new Chevy specials and promos, can be the perfect storm for a great overall bargain. Any new Chevy you buy right now will be with you for years to come, though if you opt for a new model lease, you'll spend less up front and on a monthly basis, while having several options at the end of your term.

Another great way to put your tax refund to great use is with our selection of pre-owned models here in Burlington. A variety of price ranges and styles are well-represented in this used car lineup, and with a tax refund ready to be put down up front, we'll help you to secure a sensible used car loan that works for both right now and for several months and years to come.

Visit Modern Chevrolet of Burlington today, or whenever you're armed with your tax refund, and see how we can help you find a great new or used car deal.

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